In With the Good, Out With the Bad: How to Initiate Healthier Habits for the New Year

The new year invites new opportunities to reflect on our lives and improve our habits. Especially in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, we may be craving change that will boost our physical and mental well-being. It’s important to initiate new habits that are sustainable if we’re aiming for long-term vitality. Sustainable habits are usually ones that don’t disrupt our existing routines much, and which we actually enjoy. Sometimes, however, making change requires a little extra effort and will-power to stay on track. Here some guidelines for pursuing better practices health-wise, as well as tips for sticking it out when the going gets hard, presented by High-Quality Compression Socks.

Give your home a makeover.

Your environment affects your mood. It also influences your habits, which is why it’s sometimes easier to adopt new routines if you are in a new place. Making your home brighter, cleaner, and more attractive can boost your spirits, and give you an added impetus to improve your lifestyle. Clear out clutter, add some attractive décor, and refresh old furnishings or window dressings. Airy spaces with fresh air and pleasant lighting tend to enhance positivity, so aim for this if your family has fallen into bad habits of complaining and nitpicking over the winter.

Make healthy food choices.

The great thing about pursuing a better diet is that it can be a lot of fun. Sure, unhealthy foods can be delicious, but guess what: healthy ones can too! If you enjoy cooking, this is a great opportunity to try out new recipes and meal plans the whole family will enjoy. If cooking isn’t your thing, or you just don’t have time, look for a restaurant that provides healthy take-out or a good natural food store that offers a hot bar or prepped meals.

Incorporate exercise into your routine.

You may be missing your gym due to pandemic concerns, but you can still incorporate exercise into your schedule. If getting outside for a walk or a jog is an option, try to do so every day, even if it’s only for 10 minutes. If you can’t get outside because of weather or other concerns, try a home exercise program or invest in a few simple fitness tools such as hand weights. While it can be hard to get motivated to exercise, you are guaranteed to feel better after a session.

Take care of creeping health issues before they get worse.

If you have been spending a lot of time inside lately you may be aware of health concerns such as spinal pain, eye problems, or varicose veins. Work on correcting your posture if you’ve been spending a lot of time sitting. Look up helpful stretching and bending exercises to keep supple. Protect your eyesight from harmful screen time by using a blue light filter on your device or getting a pair of glasses that will do it for you. If you’re worried about varicose veins, go to and see how good compression socks can not only improve but get rid of these unsightly and unhealthy veins. As always, talk to a health professional before trying anything new, or if you have serious concerns.

Replace a bad habit with a good one.

Research suggests that a positive approach is more helpful when you’re trying to ditch a bad habit such as smoking, over-eating, or wasting time on the internet. If you can identify what is triggering your craving, try to be aware of those moments, and turn to an alternative activity instead of doing the habitual unhealthy thing. Some alternatives might be putting on music, reading a book, or practicing a craft such as knitting or sketching. It can help if you make yourself accountable to a friend, especially if they are struggling with eliminating the same bad habit.

Follow these guidelines, and you will feel better for having added good habits to your lifestyle and eliminated bad ones. And once you are able to get out and about more, you can be confident knowing that you are caring for yourself and for your health, so more opportunities for rewarding activities will remain open to you. For more tips for a healthier you, check out the other articles here at High-Quality Compression Socks.

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