Improving Your Worker’s Health and Productivity

Improving Your Worker’s Health and Productivity

Your Workers Aren’t Performing as
Well as They Should Be

You and you’re employees are most likely guilty of sitting too much all day, whether working at the office or working from home. In fact, a 2016 study found that too much sitting may lead to greater all-cause mortality. This is supported by another study, in which discovered that those with greater sedentary lifestyles were at a greater risk of developing cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and mortality.

Not only does sitting all day lead to these risks, but this also leads to a lack of productivity for your employees. Lack of blood flow and muscle stimulation leads to a lack of energy and mental clarity.

Your workers are:
• Deficient in productivity
• Lacking energy
• At risk of heart disease

Revitalizing Your Team Shouldn’t Be Expensive or
Waste Time

Often, when employers or individuals hear they should be spending less time
sitting, they implement somewhat strict and unrealistic plans to increase
productivity and reduce health costs for their employees. For example, frequent
breaks implemented every hour to allow employees to move or exercise, or more
permanent measures, such as standing desks; however these are often expensive
and unrealistic when it comes to time and effort, especially during the working

Most health plans are:
• Unrealistic
• Cost too much money
• Take too much time

Compression Therapy Counteracts
Problems (Without Taking Time Away
From Your Employee’s Work Schedules)

Compression therapy, including the use of compression socks are an effective method of reducing pain, increasing
blood flow, and increased healing. Although you may have heard the term before, just exactly what are “compression socks?” Compression socks and compression wear contain
a tighter restriction in comparison to regular socks and clothing. This restriction increases blood flow to the muscles and ligaments, improving circulation the throughout the
whole body and stimulating energy and muscular pain relief.

Many people seem to think compression therapy is just for runners or athletes. However, these benefits, and others, transcend to those not involved in sports, including regular employees working standard desk jobs. For example, if an employee experiences pain or discomfort
in their lower limbs or lacks energy and focus throughout the day, compression therapy will help ease this pain while promoting healing. Similarly, while sitting all day can be monotonous, and sometimes painful, the use of compression socks or stockings ensure comfort and energy throughout the day.

Compression Therapy:
• Increases energy and blood flow
• Helps prevent pain and discomfort
• Can increases focus and productivity

Comparing Compression Wear to Other Health Plans

A standard pair of compression socks or stockings generally cost anywhere from $15 to $25 at the store (though when purchasing through us, they are significantly cheaper). Standing desks typically cost upwards of $200 each. 10 minute breaks every hour with your employees on the clock can cost a tremendous amount. A pair of compression socks, on the other hand, allow your employees to resume work as normal, with no change in their current schedule or workload. When workers were asked their thoughts on sitting at work, numerous employees suggested that an increase in physical activity (e.g., walking to meetings, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, working out during their lunch break) would lead to a decrease in productivity.

Other health plans:
• Cost a lot of money
• Waste valuable time
Compression socks:
• Save time and money
• Improve Productivity

Let’s do the math on savings:

Spending 10 minutes every hour from unnecessary
stretching breaks +

1 hour health seminars every
quarter +

15 extra minutes at lunch breaks for
exercising =

Over 415 hours wasted
per year per employee!

It takes zero hours to wear compression socks!

Standing desks ($200/employee) +

Wellness Program ($5000) +

Lost Productivity =

Tens of thousands of dollars
(depending on your company size)

Compression Socks through us cost on average $8/pair x 5
pairs of socks per employee =

$40 max per employee per quarter (change out the
socks every 3 months for optimal results)


Compression socks are an essential health benefit when working nowadays. The benefits in improving your workers health, energy, and productivity cannot be overlooked, especially for the small price tag.

Whatever your requirements, concerns, or questions, we welcome you with open arms to ask away. After all, improving productivity, reducing health costs, risks, and causes of all-mortality are in our, and your best interests.

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